Pyrmont Good Living Growers Markets

February 5th, 2009

Certified farmers markets like the Pyrmont Growers markets supply local communities with locally grown, great tasting and

environmentally friendly food. If you love produce, and are interested in conserving our planet,

farmers markets are the place to shop.

Locally harvested produce is so much better for human consumption verses commercially grown

produce. Local produce is fresher, and retains more of its great health benefits. Most of this

produce is produced with low levels of pesticides if any. This creates the perfect balance of

healthy for humans, and healthy for the planet.

Did you know that federal organizations estimate 30% of the pesticides used on produce contains

cancer causing agents? It is no wonder the World Health Organization just released a statement

that cancer would surpass death by heart problems as the number one killer by 2010. Finding a

good local farmers market is a great way to reduce your exposure to these dangerous chemicals.

Not all fruits and vegetables are in season in your area at all times. But how do grocery stores

always have the same produce selections? They do it by importing vegetables from other parts of

the world. There are a few problems with this method.

1st othet countries like China and Taiwan have lower health standards than we have. That means

this produce is most likely grown in less than ideal circumstances that could lead to

contamination. In the United States this year, imported jalapeƱo peppers imported from Mexico

were found to have high levels of bacteria. Hundreds of Americans in almost every state were

sickened and hospitalized due to the contamination.

2nd it takes a lot of fuel and a lot of energy to get the produce from one country to another. A

lot of produce must travel by Sea, then by plane, then by, rail, then by truck all before

reaching the grocery store. That is five different oil burning vehicles just to carry a few

fruits and vegetables around the world. Do you see how healthy it is for the planet to buy

locally owned produce?

3rd By the time imported vegetables reach the consumer, they have already begin to degrade. That

does not mean rot. Imported produce is either picked before it is ripe, or it is shipped while

ripe, causing it to deteriorate in route to the consumer. Either way, by the time it gets to you

and I, the produce has lost a lot of its healthy vitamin and minerals.

As you can see, there are many benefits to shopping at your local farmers market. They supply you

with great, clean produce, full of vitamins and minerals. And they help conserve natural

resources, thus protecting the planet.